In Memoriam

“May they not be forgotten”

The Internet is an opportunity to remember those individuals who have made a contribution to this World but have left us too soon. If you have a few minutes, read about their stories and perhaps think about your own precious ones. If you happen to know any of these fine individuals, please email me with any thoughts you may want to contribute and I will post them.

Maurice Markowicz

My father grew up and survived World War II as a teenager. He left us too soon at the age of 54  [more]

Anne Krywin

JUSTICE - ASSIZE - MONSMy cousin Anne was a leading lawyer and an activist in Brussels, Belgium. She succumbed to cancer at the age of 60. [more]


J. Douglas Carroll

Doug Carroll was a pioneer of regional transportation planning, Between 1953 and 1955, he led the Detroit Metropolitan Area Traffic Study (DMATS) then moved on the Chicago to do the same.  I had the chance to work with him at Princeton University [more]

James “Rusty” Dail

Rusty was a bright young man with a brighter future yet. He worked with me on two projects in Denver and Hong Kong. He was struck by cancer at the age of 33. [more]

Aaron Mak

Aaron was my client at Hongkong International Terminals in 1995/1996.  He moved to Shanghai a few years later to run the PSA terminal there, then succumbed to cancer, [more]

Herbert Pagani

An amazing talent, a beautiful person. Not enough is written about Herbert. I had the chance to meet him in Paris in 1975. Listen to some songs from Pagani on the page. He left us in 1988 at the age of 44. [more]


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