July was a tough month…

DSCN2189 Mom

I was scheduled to visit my mom on July the 10th in Belgium, but I had to rush there on the 5th because she was brought to the hospital with a bad infection.  The prognosis was not very good for her because of her advanced Alzheimer condition.  She had to be fed through a tube which she constantly fought to remove.  She passed away on July 19 (I will write more extensively later about my feelings on her passing.) Earlier in the month, and before I left for Belgium, I made an offer on a condo in Arlington in order to move ahead with downsizing in Virgiinia.  Because of my mom’s illness, I had to reschedule my trip back to the U.S. where my friend Joyce was visiting me (and I was not there.)  My son was very nice and took care of her while I was still away in Belgium.  My brother and I made the arrangements for my mom’s funeral which took place on a sunny day on July the 23rd.  I was back in the U.S. the next day.  I spent some time with Joyce until her departure on the 29th, while packing the house.  I settled on the condo on the 30th.  the same day, movers moved some of the furniture into the condo and my son helped me greatly move the rest of the stuff into the condo in the following few days.  Of course, work continues, but I am lucky that I have a great deal of flexibility and excellent colleagues. I was so busy that I have not yet had the time to grieve my mom’s departure.   Now I am back in Hawaii for a while.  I brought some good books with me from Virginia and I hope to write a few new blogs in the following weeks…

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