Ferguson, MO – Gaza: Anger and violence

Blog2The parallels between the situations in Ferguson, MO and in Gaza are striking.  In both cases, a small minority is responsible for most of the violence against a force (the police or the Israeli army) which far outnumbers them.  In both cases,  there are significant economic differences between the camps, and there are divisions within each camp on how to handle the situation.  Anger and economic desperation are driving both these conflicts.  Ferguson, MO, in the so-called richest country on Earth, has turned into our Gaza strip.  Even Wall Street has noticed how economic disparity is one of our greatest dangers.

The West Bank is actually a good example of how economic security and stability has pushed extremism away. I had a chance to see it for myself a few years back.  The Palestinians have even learned to live with the arrogance of Israeli settlements around them.  It is time now to learn this lesson in both places.  Turn your guns into plowshares.

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1 Response to Ferguson, MO – Gaza: Anger and violence

  1. Dude, you could not be more wrong. The economic disparity is institutionalized? Your argument amounts to be a happy slave and make the ‘best of it’? You will feel differently when the tide finishes sweeping through my friend.

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