Solar Impulse landing in Hawaii

Wow, I am watching the live arrival of Solar Impulse in Hawaii after a historic 5-day flight Slider-challenge-flying-day-and-night-solar-impulse-2from Japan only powered by the sun.   Not only is this a historic event in the attempt to fly round the World with only solar power, but the enterprise behind this venture is absolutely amazing.

  • The project leverages a number of large European private sponsors who contribute technical resources to the project (and get terrific publicity from it)
  • The project collects a huge amount of telemetry (data) that is shown live on their website – now that’s reality TV!
  • The project leverages technology to the max, including photovoltaics, weather forecasting, human factors, etc…
  • The project combines professional PR and broadcasting, mixing the technical and emotional aspects of the flights,

Simply amazing!  Make sure to check out their website HERE!

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1 Response to Solar Impulse landing in Hawaii

  1. Elishevah says:

    That…is way cool! Fascinating!

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