Why I now support Bernie Sanders

I have been supporting Pete Buttigieg since the beginning.  I liked his poise, his intellectual stances, his moderation, his ability to answer complex questions.  But at the same time I kept thinking about my kids, their peers and their future.  I have been able to earn enough during my prime working years to save for retirement.  Many in my kids’ generations however live month to month, unable to afford college, even community college, working days and nights to make ends meet and spending their extra cash on credit card interest.  To them, Bernie Sanders is the answer.

Why are Millenials and Gen Zs so devoted to Bernie?  I think I figured it out, and as I did, I became a convert myself.  Morality is more important than power.  Bernie speaks with a moral voice, consistent and uncompromised and that, I think, is why he will win the hearts and minds of voters.  Will he win?  He might, but if he does not, he will have accomplished something far more important:  He will have reawakened and rekindled the hopes of our diverse country in morality, in equality and in the rule of law.

A few weeks ago, Bernie was briefed by U.S officials that Russia has been trying to help his campaign as part of Moscow’s efforts to interfere in the 2020 presidential election as related in this article by the LA Times.  His unequivocal, uncompromised and moral response got me to switch my vote: “Here’s the message to Russia: Stay out of American elections.”  His response was in sharp contrast from President Trump’s, minutes before, who dismissed the reports and said that this was “a rumor” started by the Democrats.

What about socialism?  Our country is already half way there!  Just take a look at how much our Government spends to help and assist various groups: social security, healthcare for the poor and the elderly, food stamps, grants to non-profits of all kinds. Oh, and what about small watershed grants, coral reef conservation, farmer loan guarantees, rural community development grants, high energy cost grants, and more and more…

The stock market may appear to be doing well but our country is not doing well by many other measures:  Ability to save, drug epidemics, lagging healthcare results, increasing suicide rates (using readily available firearms), and poor education results compared to other countries.  If elected, Bernie may not be able to affect much of that, but in the meantime, he is changing our discourse and painting a brighter, moral future.  And for that, he has my vote.

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2 Responses to Why I now support Bernie Sanders

  1. me2you4us says:

    Bernie talks about socialism in Europe a lot. The seventies were all about socialism in the Netherlands for example. Things have shifted since then.

    Health insurance is not optional in European countries, but you do pay every month either in premiums and/or taxes. There is not such a thing as free healthcare anywhere in the world. But it is insane to have millions of people uninsured. How much do the bankruptcies in the US cost the American taxpayer?

    I remember the first time I was confronted with the reality of life in US without health coverage. A friend with a serious health issue needed treatment. The person she was working for was medical professional and did the work for free. Otherwise? She would have been …?
    With the internet and social media today things are more clear to the rest of the world. Small kids having to act cute to collect donations in order to get the healthcare they need. Terrible.

    Bernie Socialism is probably one step to fast for the US.
    Europe already took a step back from high premium socialism. Not enough billionaires? 😀

    I like Pete. He is past the Bernie utopia.

    And please, get Trump out! Thanks in advance! 😉 We don’t like him back. His eyes are meaner every day since he is living in the White House.

  2. Chez says:

    Legislation that makes voting a requirement would change this. Also, he did not reawaken a social conscious. It was always there. We were too busy filling shelves with product/meeting others needs to find time to vocalize our fears. We spent our lives trying to meet your former generations needs/wants that we didn’t realize we weren’t prepped for what we would inherit.

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