Born to be a Transportation Engineer

00059_p_9acjk9gu20543Once in a while, I used to wonder if I was meant to be a transportation/logistics engineer, or whether it was just an accident of history.  I have this habit of always trying to find the most efficient way of grouping errands, or moving things around the house. I combine trips, sometimes leaving things half way from one room to another, to be picked up later to their destination.  I always wonder how much time waiters could save by plotting their way in the restaurant the way I do at home!  Was I born with the gift of space/time optimization?

Then, one day not too long ago, it came back to me!  I was planning to carry my laundry to the washing machine when I remembered how my mother used to tell me

“don’t go empty-handed, don’t go empty-handed…”

when I was young.  I then realized that these simple words likely shaped my interest in moving things around efficiently…  Of course!  Thank you, mom 🙂       

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