New Year Resolution

Every day, we are bombarded by awful news from around the World: Earthquake in Nepal, tsunami in Japan, hunger in South Sudan, war refugees fleeing Syria. It’s easy to become numb to this constant barrage of bad news, feeling shocked for a few minutes until the next bad news hit us. Most of the time, there is not much we can do but broadcast our outrage to friends and social media.

This new year of 5776, I plan to rededicate myself to small acts of loving kindness around me. Here is my updated list:

  • I will acknowledge people around me, say hello, good morning, good evening, and smile. (I don’t care if folks think I am weird or a pervert…),
  • I will ask people who seem lost if they need directions or help,
  • I will offer to help folks at the grocery store, picking up items from upper shelves if they can’t reach them, helping elderly folks cross the road, bring they empty cart back,
  • I will recycle more often, donate unused clothes and appliances to people who need them,
  • I will patronize local businesses, buy local farm-grown fruits and vegetables, eat less meat, try to reduce our imprint on the World,
  • I will get to know my neighbors, invite them over and help them cut the grass or take care of their cats, bring dinner when they need it,
  • I will acknowledge and thank the folks who deliver my mail, pick up my trash, clean my table at the restaurant, bag my groceries at the store, direct traffic around an accident,
  • I will drive less aggressively, not follow cars too closely, courteously let other drivers merge or change lanes,
  • I will tip more generously,
  • I will vote.

It is not much but I hope it will make a small difference.

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